Lv Xiaofang at this moment is to see the intentions of Princess Pinting, the original good impression of Princess Pinting, greatly discounted. She glanced at Haiping and saw that he was so angry that he had blue veins in his head. She couldn't bear it. She couldn't help leaning on Haiping's left shoulder. Xiaofang quickly looked at Princess Pinting and said with a smile, "If you really have the ability to save people, please do it quickly. Why do you want him to yield?"? If I had your great ability, I wouldn't have forced people to submit like this! Princess Pinting smiled at Xiaofang and said, "Little sister, you have a good heart. But why am I like this? You ask him how he is!" Lu Hsiao-fang could not help but be stunned, and suddenly realized something in her heart, because she had a deep understanding of Haiping's nature and attitude toward girls. She looked at Haiping innocently. Just as she was about to ask a question, she suddenly saw Haiping clenching her teeth and blushing. "I've yielded!" She shouted! You save her! Qunhao was in an uproar and touched it slightly. Pinting Princess giggled, the sadness in her heart, suddenly vented, but shed two drops of tears. But seeing that her laughter suddenly stopped, she glanced at Haiping's haggard face. As soon as Cui's eyebrows were raised, her mind moved again and she said, "Wouldn't it have been better if it had been like this earlier?"? I promised to cure her. But I have one condition. As soon as the words fell, the fire of the sea duckweed rose a thousand feet. "I hope you won't push me too far," he shouted. "Let's make a fair deal. No one will be deceived, young or old. If you agree to the terms, I'll do it right away.". Otherwise "How is it?" "Don't ask Gao Ming." "Please state your terms." "From now on,White Marble Mosaic, you must listen to my orders and be under my command.." said Princess Pinting, turning her original charm into a solemn look. Haiping turned pale and shouted, "You're dreaming!" By this time he had seen Princess Pinting's ambition. He pulled Xiaofang and said, "Sister Fang, let's go!" Lu Xiaofang glared at Princess Pinting and turned away. Princess Pinting was unmoved. When they were about ten feet away, she smiled coldly and said, "After half a cup of tea, I can do nothing to cure you." Haiping felt a shock in her heart again. She steadied herself and hesitated for a long time. Suddenly,Granite Slab Supplier, she gave yuan Xiaoling to Lu Xiaofang and said, "Sister Fang, take care of her for me.." Before he had finished speaking, he strode to the side of Princess Pinting. As soon as Xiaofang saw that the situation was not right, she shouted, "Brother Ping, Brother Ping.." But Haiping paid no attention. Just before she arrived at Princess Pinting, she was furious and said, "You played with someone like this and delayed the time to cure my sister. I have to ask you to compensate her for her life.." "Joke, I didn't force you to stay here!" "Don't show off your eloquence and return your life!" He was so angry that he raised his arm and stretched out his fingers to catch Princess Pinting. Princess Pinting smiled and did not give way at all, as if she was willing to die in the hands of Haiping. But Suo Mingweng and Tieguai's mother-in-law on both sides were really anxious. The wind moves the person to float, the iron flute chases the soul and the holy hand scholar already snatched splits two palms. Tieguai mother-in-law from the front has Yang Guai hit, Tiehan Zong yuangang sound repeatedly, from the left side of the attack, the oncoming force is fierce, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Marble Granite Price, very powerful. Haiping stretched out her palm, recovered the horizontal chop, and hit her left palm twice. At the same time, she retreated. The strength of his sweep shook off Zong yuan and the Iron Flute Chasing Soul, and the strength of his left palm forced the Iron Crutch Granny and the Holy Hand Scholar. Haiping stopped, shook her shoulders, and ran up again. She attacked with all her strength with both palms, and fought against the iron crutches and other people. The dust was flying, and it was soul-stirring. In the blink of an eye, they have seven palms, three face to face. Haiping feels quite laborious, iron crutch mother-in-law also two arms are sour, iron flute chases the soul and Zongyuan holy hand scholar also difficult to support again. As soon as Suo Mingweng saw that the situation was not right, he roared at the top of his voice, and with a smooth tiger-headed stick, he made a hard attack from it. A situation of five against one has been formed, and the situation has changed greatly. You should know that the skill of this woman and this man in Jianghu is no less than that of the half-faced Shenni. With the addition of three masters, I'm afraid I can't find an opponent in Jianghu. In the twinkling of an eye, Haiping has become a beaten Dila. Lv Xiaofang was very anxious and wanted to help, but she held yuan Xiaoling in her arms, but there was nothing she could do. Seeing that Wu Haiping could not stand alone and was in danger, she suddenly heard Princess Pinting calling out: "You come back, don't hit him.".
” Stick wind flute shadow, turn strength palm, in the shadow of the flash, all disappeared, iron turn mother-in-law and others, all returned to their original positions. Princess Pinting smiled and said, "It's not that your skill is not good. One is that there are so many of us. The other is that you haven't eaten for a few days. The third is that you miss your sister. Your heart is divided into two parts, and your skill is greatly reduced.". Otherwise, they may not win over you. Haiping's eyes were wide open. "She doesn't know any martial arts," she said? To know the knack of practicing martial arts is indeed a profound knowledge. Suddenly Princess Pinting laughed and said, "Have you considered accepting my terms?" Haiping became angry again and shouted, "a man, a real man, how can I be manipulated by you? Forgive me for not having the appetite to accept your terms." Princess Pinting's face suddenly changed in several ways. For a long time, she sighed faintly: "Alas!"! I give in! But I want you to cooperate with me. "Why?" "Deal with a strange thing in the sea." "There is only one person in the sea. It's enough to control his life. Why.." "Humph!"! Baishadun is awesome. Have you forgotten? This is just one of the most dangerous plots in the sea, and the more powerful ones are yet to come. When Haiping heard this, her eyelids were flushed and her back was in a cold sweat. She was silent. Princess Pinting paused and then said, "Canghai Yiqi is the big enemy of my Miaojiang Huagong Palace. At present, his eyesore is you and me. If our strength is eliminated, you can't get revenge, and I can't go to the strong enemy. Please think twice." Haiping pondered her intention, but still did not agree. Lu Hsiao-fang, however, was not convinced. "Could it be that my master, the one-armed master,Agate Stone Price, and the God of poverty are not the opponents of a wonder in the sea?" "These people are all gentlemen. Although they are highly skilled in martial arts, they are no match for one in ten thousand of the sea." Suddenly Haiping asked in a loud voice, "Are you still going to command and order me?" 。 forustone.com

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