Not long after they arrived, the waiter removed the decorations on the table, poured tea, and began to serve food one after another. Fu Zheng should have specifically told him that the amount of food was much less than what Yansui had seen last time. Although there were many dishes, there was no waste in the end. I'm going back to Nanjiang tonight. Fu Zheng watched her get on the bus, closed the door, went around to the driver's seat, fastened his seat belt and said, "There is a big brother in the banquet, Chi Sheng.". He worked in the police station of S city and stayed in Nanchen for a while before he was transferred. Fu Zheng and Chi Yan are childhood friends, I think Chi Sheng and his relationship is also very good. Since he had stayed in Nanchen before he was transferred, Li Jie was mostly dealing with this matter. Be back tomorrow. Yan Sui was surprised. "Will you be back tomorrow?" Words fall, and feel that they do not behave like a girlfriend who has just fallen in love, how can a boyfriend want to leave, but also think he did not leave long enough? Then, she remedies at once: "Also had not heard you mention Chi Sheng before, estimate he does not often come back, don't you plan to get together well?" Remedy is still timely, Fu Zheng and she did not dispute: "How to calculate a good get together?"? When I grow up, I want to go my separate ways, and it's a luxury to see each other. Yan Sui has few friends and is used to being a loner, so he can't have a deep understanding of Fu Zheng's pure feelings. She smiled and said,plastic pallet bins, "Then you should drive safely at night." Say, remember what again, "Hum" sound, way: "Before going to Somalia last year, I had stayed in northwest area for a while. The resources in the northwest are relatively barren compared with those in the southeast, and the state has given many preferential policies, so some partners have opened the company in the northwest. In the past, I was half on a business trip and half on a holiday for myself. I played with Xin Ya in Xining Ring Line for a week. It was a female driver,plastic pallet crates, called Qu Ye, who was not a local, but she had been traveling for several years and had met many colleagues and guests along the way. She said.. Fu Zheng heard slightly curved lips. She may not even realize that when she talks to him, she will unconsciously popularize the background of the story first. Not only this time, but also that day in the shipyard, on the lookout of the Yan'an, when she decided to tell him her secret. It sounds well-founded and logical, but Fu Zheng has noticed that she is not like this for everyone. She habitually told Xin Ya and Lang Qichen only the conclusion and not the process, let alone explain it in such detail from beginning to end. In the middle of what Yansui said, seeing him laughing, he wondered, "I'm telling you a ghost story. Can you cooperate?" "My mind is full of core socialist values," Fu said. "It's especially to ward off evil spirits." Yan Sui: "…" How dare she just said so much in a vivid way in vain? When she was listening to Master Qu's ghost story, she felt a chill in the back of her neck and sweaty palms. It was a waste of emotion. —— Sending Yansui home, Fu Zheng watched her go upstairs. After the lights came on in the living room on the 27th floor, he sat in the car and smoked a cigarette before leaving. Shortly after he left, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, Yan Sui received a phone call from Yan Jian. She counted the time. Two hours had passed since she had rejected Yan Shen's resignation. Yan Jian is the time to call, not only Yan Jian, she is afraid to answer another person's phone tonight. Yan Sui turned on the loudspeaker and put it on the wine cabinet, choosing red wine and listening to Yan Jian's questions. Yan Shen submitted his resignation to the board of directors. What happened? "When I asked him, he didn't say why, but said that he was unworthy of my cultivation.". This is not a child's play. Yan Shen is carrying half of Yan's country. If he really resigns, your burden will be at least twice as heavy. Where can you find another Yan Shen to come back? In the end, Yan Jian was faintly angry. Yan Shen is steady and tolerant, and he and Yan Shen share Yan's shares. In terms of loyalty, no one is more reliable than his own family. Moreover, Yan Shen has always been tolerant and courteous to Yan Sui, quite indulgent attitude, Yan Jian is satisfied with him to do Yan's vice president, and then rest assured. Now, he just came back a few days, Yan Shen submitted his resignation, and hide the reason not to say, Yan Jian inevitably angry. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he felt some regret. He softened his tone and said, "I know you have a sense of propriety in doing things. You tell me what happened first, and I will have a bottom in my heart at the board meeting tomorrow." Yan Sui sighed, "Blame me.".
” —— Cheng yuan, Li Jie this junk she originally intended to hide from Yan Jian, first, because there are too few clues, Yan Sui's guess is in the majority, her subjective consciousness how much affects her fairness on this matter. Second, Cheng yuan, after all, is her elder, Yan Jian and Yan Shen are brothers, whether it is Yan Jian's intervention or Yan Sui's position, this matter is somewhat private. But things to this point, Yan Sui do not feel that they hide Yan Jian has any meaning, she from beginning to end, including the existence of Fu Zheng also described in detail. Yan Jian listened in silence and brought out a possibility that Yan Sui had never imagined: "The night Li Jie put his shoes at home, Xin Ya told you that Yan Shen frequently paid attention to his cell phone.". You asked Xin Ya to recontact Vice General Manager Sun, and Yan Shen knew this very well. Are you sure there's nothing wrong with Xin Ya? Yan Sui was stunned by the question and frowned. "What's wrong with her?" Yan Jian did not answer, he in the past two years in addition to occasionally ask the company's performance, almost completely let go. He was more willing to believe that someone had evil intentions and deliberately provoked him than Yan Shen would participate in it. But the suspicion of Xin Ya is really nonsensical. This wench does not contact the company secret, mostly in takes care of the Yansui life aspect, the temperament is kind and lively, does not have any reason to do so. After a brief silence, Yan Jian sighed, "Let's talk about it tomorrow. You should rest earlier." Yan Sui had a lot on her mind. She answered and was about to hang up the phone when she heard Yan Jian calling her hesitantly: "I don't ask today. You didn't want to tell me these things.". I know what you think in your heart. Others think you are cold-hearted and ruthless, but you don't like to say much, and you never take the initiative to speak about things that are easy to misunderstand. If I didn't know your temper, how much would you have to suffer to understand? "Wise people are not opportunistic, but they do five points and praise ten points. When they do something,plastic pallet containers, they say it, and others see and hear it.". You're like this to Yan Shen and Dad, and it's probably the same when you fall in love. You can't just expect others to understand you. 。

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