Suddenly, in the speeding carriage, the back door opened, and then a figure flew out of it, to be exact, it should have been kicked out. (Hand-made Chinese network 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) Rock enemy's angry voice came from the carriage, "who is abnormal, you are abnormal, you are the most abnormal boy.". Aah! Aah! My poor heart! I can't stand it. I'm jealous! There is no doubt that the tragic man who was kicked down from the carriage was Zhou Weiqing. After the star rating of all his abilities, the whole carriage was filled with violent heartbeat, even Muen was no exception. Then he was unanimously kicked down, it is said that in order to enhance his physical fitness, to exercise more, exercise more.. You are the jealousy of Chiguoguo. Zhou Weiqing ran after the carriage with a depressed face, carrying the heavy black bow on his back. When Zhou Weiqing revealed his stone cat's eye, the atmosphere in the carriage became very strange. Gao Sheng, who was drinking water, sprayed a mouthful of water on Han Mo's face. He forgot that he was in the carriage and stood up in surprise. As a result,euro plastic pallet, his head hit the roof of the carriage. Han Mo opened his mouth. As a result, he drank half of the water sprayed by Gao Sheng and is still retching. Rock slapped himself because he couldn't believe it was true. As a result, the force was not well controlled and half of his face was swollen. After Zhou Weiqing reported his skills one by one, except for Shangguan Binger and himself, all the other people present had facial muscle convulsions. If they hadn't been weak, they might have had a stroke. In this case, it would be strange if Zhou Weiqing was not kicked out of the car. The result of the star rating is that the overlord bow is rated as seven stars,foldable bulk container, and if you count the mosaic hole plus one star, it is eight stars. In the star rating of Yizhu Rubbing, the wind bundle array is evaluated as eight stars, the palm thunder is evaluated as seven stars, the space translation is a life-saving skill, and the evaluation is directly nine stars. The dark touch is evaluated as eight stars. The evaluation of evil devouring is unknown, and the evaluation of absolute slowness is unknown. (Hand-made Chinese network 724 hours of uninterrupted updates pure txt hand-made novel m) In the words of Bozhua-Feng, Zhou Weiqing's skill of rubbing a bead is better than all the skills of rubbing a bead at the level of Zhou Dawushuai. For a long time afterwards, J! There was a wonderful scene in the empire, a luxurious carriage speeding ahead, followed by a ragged young man running constantly. Twenty days later. The northern frontier of the Phili Empire. Do you see the snow-covered forest ahead? Our mission this time is to hunt a celestial beast named Ice Soul Sky Bear in this forest and get its sky, bear skin, bear paw and bear gall. "What is the Heavenly Core?" Zhou Weiqing, wholesale plastic pallet ,plastic wheelie bins, whose skin was obviously darker, but whose spirit was much better than before, asked. Since yesterday, Zhou Weiqing has finally been allowed to stop running and change into new clothes. All the way down from the Phili Empire, his whole spiritual temperament has changed slightly, and his figure seems to have grown a little taller. Although he still looks simple and honest, occasionally when he stares somewhere, his eyes will show their sharpness. Running all the way for 20 days, not to mention anything else, the greatest advantage is the practice of heavenly power. "In the case of a full rush, the five dead points must be fully functioning to absorb the heaven and earth in the air and unable to replenish themselves. The degree of his immortal magic practice is much faster than that of ordinary skills. Running all the way, Chou Wei-ching clearly felt that his fifth heavenly power was ready to move." It seems that it will soon be able to hit the first hole of the second chapter of the Immortal Skill. With the experience of the first chapter of the Immortal Divine Skill, Zhou Weiqing faintly knew that the first chapter of each chapter of the Immortal Divine Skill seemed to be the easiest to impact, but it was the most difficult to succeed.
At the beginning, wasn't he almost finished when he hit the shoulder well hole? In addition to the continuous improvement of Tianli, there are two advantages, that is, to let him combine his pure strength body beads with his own body better, in addition to the right leg of the evil spirit has now been able to fully coordinate, he has now made great progress in the combination of the strength of his body beads and his own body strength, only need to move his mind. The dzi beads and the body can work together to release the power. It's not as stiff as it used to be. Standing beside Zhou Weiqing, Mu En said, "The Heavenly Core will only appear on the Heavenly Beasts above the first rank of the clan. The Heavenly Beasts have heavenly power. In fact, in essence, they are no different from our heavenly power.". When their strength breaks through the clan level, they can change from invisible to visible, and condense into an existence like inner alchemy, which we call the heavenly core. If the Heavenly Core is used by the Royal Bead Master with corresponding attributes, it can not only greatly improve the degree of practice in the process of practice, but also help the practitioner to complete the split of the original beads quickly. And then there's your overlord bow and the like with inlays! \}1 ', 「、。 !: & # 39; \ { Weapons can be inlaid not only with your beads, but also with crystal nuclei of the same attribute. For example, & # 39; "1:.". If the king's bow is inlaid with the crystal nucleus of a powerful celestial beast, then its power will be great. 「。 ' “。” "O Heavenly core can absorb the primordial force of heaven and earth in the air by itself to replenish itself, and it is very difficult to destroy.". You can take it off when you don't need it. Zhou Weiqing listened to the bright light in his eyes, "so many benefits!"! So what are we waiting for? A few more non-nuclear. "Shut up, fool," said Muen angrily. "It's a shame." In addition to the wind, several other members of the Sky Bow Camp looked at Zhou Weiqing like an idiot. Since they knew Zhou Weiqing's attributes, these guys fully showed him what Chiguoguo's jealousy was, and they would attack him with words when they had the chance. Rock said in a strange way, "How many more cores will you get today?"? Do you think this thing is Chinese cabbage! Just do it. Do you know how dangerous it is? With your father's strength, when facing the clan level beast,stackable plastic pallets, but also in the case of attribute restriction, it is estimated that you can barely fight against a junior clan level beast. Otherwise, do we use so many people? 。

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