With a roar of triumph, the two shouted at the same time, "Expelliarmus!" Harry, Hermione, and Neville are knocked to the ground; Neville is thrown out of sight behind the table; Hermione hits a bookshelf and is pinned by falling books; Harry hits the back of his head against the wall. For a moment he sees stars and doesn't know what to do because he's dizzy. We got him! Cried the Death Eater nearest Harry. "In an office-" "Quietly!" Cried Hermione, and the man's voice disappeared. He continued to shout, but no sound came from his mouth. He was pushed away by his companion. All petrified! Harry shouted, and the second Death Eater's hands and feet sucked together and went down. Done, ha- "" But the Death Eater, who had just been cursed speechless by Hermione, suddenly struck him with his wand, and what looked like a purple flame hit Hermione right in the chest. "Oh!" She cried softly, as if in surprise. He fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Hermione! Harry knelt beside her as Neville quickly crawled out from under the table, holding his wand. The Death Eater gave Neville a hard kick in the head-his foot broke Neville's wand into two pieces. The man let out a cry of pain and stepped back,MBR reactor, covering his nose and mouth. Harry stepped aside, his own wand raised, and saw the Death Eater remove his hood and point his own wand directly at Harry. Harry recognizes him as Antonin Dolohov, the man who killed prewetts. The Dolohov grinned grimly. He pointed with his free hand to the prophecy still clenched in Harry's hand and to Hermione. Even though he couldn't speak, his meaning couldn't have been clearer. Give me the prophecy,Wall Penstocks, or you will end up like her. You won't kill us while I'm holding the prophecy! Said Harry. Harry couldn't think straight in a panic: he had a hand on Hermione's warm shoulder, but didn't dare to look at her closely. Don't let her die. Don't let her die. If she dies, it's my fault! "Whatever you do, Harry," Neville said suddenly from under the table, dropping his nosed hand to reveal his broken nose and bloody mouth. "Don't give that to him!" Then there was a crash outside the door, and Dolohov looked back-the baby-headed death eater appeared in the corridor, his head crying, his big fists still flinging uncontrollably in all directions. Harry seized the moment. "All petrified!" The spell hit Dolohov before he had time to stop it, and he fell on top of his companions, wall penstocks ,lamella clarifer, both of whom were as hard as planks and could not move. Hermione! "Harry shouted, shaking her as the baby-headed Death Eater stumbled away again." Hermione, wake up. "What did he do to her?" Neville asked. He crawled out from under the table and knelt on Hermione's other side, blood running rapidly from his broken nose. I don't know Neville held Hermione's wrist. She has a pulse, Harry. I'm sure she does. There was a sense of relief, and Harry felt that she was much more relaxed for a while. Is she still alive? "Yes, I think so." Harry stopped to listen for more footsteps, but all she could hear was a baby-headed Death Eater crying in the next room. Neville, we're not far from the exit, "Harry whispered." We're right next to the round room. If you can get through that room and find the right door before the other Death Eaters show up, I'm sure you can carry Hermione through the corridor and into the elevator, and then you can find someone to sound the alarm. "Then what will you do when you go back?" Neville asked, frowning as he brushed his bloody nose with his sleeve. "I have to find someone else," said Harry. Then I'll go with you. Neville said firmly. But, Hermione -- "We'll take her with us," Neville said firmly. I carry her behind my back-you fight better than me- "" He stood up and grabbed one of Hermione's arms and glared at Harry.
Harry hesitated, then grabbed her other arm and put her on Neville's shoulder. "Wait a minute," said Harry, picking up Hermione's wand from the ground and shoving it into Neville's hand. "You'd better have this." Neville kicked his broken wand aside as they walked slowly toward the door. "My grandmother will kill me," Neville said heavily, blood spurting from his nose as he spoke. "That's my father's wand." Harry poked his head out and looked out warily. The baby-headed Death Eater was crying as he overturned the grandfather clock and the writing desk. "He won't notice us," he whispered. Come on. Stay close to me. They crept out of the office and headed for the door that led to the black corridor, which seemed to be empty. They took a few more steps, Neville faltering with Hermione on his back; the door of the time room closed, and the walls turned upside down. A sudden noise made Harry feel a little uneasy; his eyes narrowed and he stood a little unsteadily until the wall stopped moving. His heart sank-Hermione's mark on the door disappeared. Uh, where do you think we should go -- But before they could make a decision, the door to their right was broken open and three men burst into the room. Ron! Harry shouted and ran towards them. "Ginny-are you all right?" "Harry," said Ron, coming forward with a sickly grin on his face. He grabbed the front of Harry's robe and stared at him with lazy eyes. "There you are, ha ha ha.". You look funny, Harry. You guys are a mess. Ron's face was pale, and there was something dark dripping from the corners of his mouth. After a while he got up, but he still grabbed Harry by the front and pulled him into a bow. Ginny? Harry said fearfully,fine bubble diffuser, "What happened?" But Ginny shook her head, slipped from the wall to the ground, and sat panting over her ankles.

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