"Neighbors, fellow countrymen and elders." Huang Xiaolong stood up and said with a smile. Everybody, please rest assured. If you are sick, I will treat you. No matter what the disease is, you can come to me. But I have something to do tonight. So, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I'll treat you. Village head, do you think it's all right? "All right!"! It's a deal! The village chief smiled with relief. Then the village chief turned to the neighbors behind him. Did you all hear that? The young man has something to do tonight, but they all agreed to come down, the latest tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he will give everyone treatment! Hold on, hold on! Young man, you.. You A young married woman was holding a child of three or four years old in her arms. She hesitated to speak and finally gritted her teeth. My child has been ill for half a month. No spirit all day long, no appetite, watching the day by day thin … The big hospital that goes in urban district had been checked, the doctor also does not say to come out is what problem You Can you show my child now? "Xiaolong, show me." Song Yuru, after all, was a kind-hearted girl. When she saw the child in the young woman's arms, her face was sallow and haggard. She felt pity and pulled Huang Xiaolong's sleeve. Xiaolong "Oh, yes, first wife, I'll treat him." Huang Xiaolong walked over. At first glance,5 person hot tub, I saw the bad luck on the child's face covered with dark clouds. 'it's Too bad that such a small child has suffered. Ma Dan, go to the cliff tonight to dig the ancestral graves of the Hu family! ' Huang Xiaolong was slightly angry. He gently turned over the child's eyelids and took a casual look. "The eyeballs are covered with some blood, and there are blue spots as big as sesame seeds. Here.." There are tiny white spots on the lips. These are all insect spots, indicating that the child has a large number of parasites in his body. Like roundworms, schistosomiasis, hookworms.. Said, Huang Xiaolong asked Song Yuru to bring paper and pen, "I prescribe a prescription,jacuzzi swim spa, tomorrow go to the pharmacy to fill the medicine.". Dark plum, quisqualis, betel nut, carpesium fruit.. All right, just grab two pairs according to the prescription. Huang Xiaolong wrote a prescription, handed it to the young woman, and then once again assured the people who came to seek medical treatment that they would be treated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The village chief led the people to disperse. Uncle and aunt, the first wife, I go out, you rest first. Huang Xiaolong said quietly. All right, Xiaolong, just pay attention to your safety. Father Song didn't ask much, but nodded and told him. But it's all right. The security of our village in the city at night is better than that in the city. Huang Xiaolong strode out, but Song Yuru followed him with small steps. First wife, don't follow me. Go home and sleep. Huang Xiaolong looked sideways at Song Yuru. Xiaolong I feel like you're hiding something from me. Song Yuru pursed her lips and said unhappily. When you came here this afternoon, I felt that you were mysterious. "Really?"? Can you see that? Huang Xiaolong couldn't help laughing. It seems that our Mandarin ducks and butterflies are really on the same wavelength. "Come on, Chinese spa manufacturer ,outdoor whirlpool tub, what's the matter?" Song Yuru said impatiently. Do you really want me to say? Huang Xiaolong smiled eerily. Are you sure you want to hear it? "Of course!"! Xiaolong, don't dawdle, say it quickly! Song Yuru's face was in a hurry. Okay, I'll tell you what. I'm going to the back hill. Huang Xiaolong laughed. Back hill? Song Yuru choked. Yes, the back hill, the graveyard. Huang Xiaolong looked at Song Yuru thoughtfully, "first wife, would you like to go with me?" "Back Hill Tomb …" Grave. A graveyard? Song Yuru excited Lingling to shiver, "Xiaolong, this big night, you …" Why do you go to the graveyard when you are free? "Serious business, of course." Huang Xiaolong said with a serious face. All right, first wife, go home first. Otherwise, you wait for me at home, I do things, come back to spoil you … Hee Hee Hee. "Spoil your sister!" Song Yuru said angrily.
"No!"! The graveyard in the back hill is the place where the residents of our village in the city bury their ancestors'coffins. It's a sacred place. My grandpa, my grandfather, my grandfather, my grandpa.. Their graves are all buried in the back hill. Xiaolong, don't mess around. If you desecrate your ancestors, the people in the village in the city will kill you.. Huang Xiaolong was robbed of white by Song Yuru for a while, which made him a little short of words. Xiaolong, no matter what you are going to do, I must follow you! Song Yuru insisted. That OK "" Huang Xiaolong nodded in silence. First wife, if you're sure you're not afraid later, just follow me. With that, Huang Xiaolong stepped up and walked towards the back hill. Xiaolong, wait for me! Song Yuru really trotted up with him. Chapter 239 Back Hill Cemetery (fourth watch). Emperor Entertainment Club! This is the largest and most luxurious entertainment club in the village. Its degree of luxury will not lose to the high-end clubs in the urban area. And the behind-the-scenes boss of this club is naturally Boss Hu, the richest man in the village in the city! Today, boss Hu has handed over the entertainment club to his only son, Hu Yang. Emperor Entertainment Club, the most luxurious private room. In the private room, Hu Yang is sitting on a leather sofa imported from Italy, with a Cuban cigar in his mouth, and his radiant face is full of imperial arrogance and domineering expression. Two girls with graceful figures and absolutely no more than 18 years old knelt on the stall and carefully massaged Hu Yang's thighs. Behind the sofa, there were several strong men like iron towers, all of whom were Hu Yang's private bodyguards. In addition, sitting on the sofa is a purple dress, hair up, very enchanting, gorgeous woman, twenty-four, five years old. Its appearance is only slightly inferior to Song Yuru. This woman is Hu Yangming's girlfriend. Of course, Hu Yang's women are many, too many to count, this point, his so-called girlfriend, is known, but never asked,Whirlpool bathtub, and even, sometimes will help Hu Yang, will get some of the women he likes.

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