Even Wang Han, Yang Shengping and Zhu Sijing around Li Qiye felt incredible. Zhu Sijing, a girl with her mouth wide open, felt like a dream. There was such an outrageous thing in the world. Such an outrageous thing was totally beyond her imagination. Li Qiye picked one at random and threw it to Yang Shengping beside him. He said flatly, "I've been waiting on you for so long, so I'll give you a treasure." Suddenly a great treasure thrown in his hands, Yang Shengping suddenly froze, he could not believe his eyes, it is like a dream, such a treasure, he never dared to think of things in his life, this is absolutely a great treasure, in their crazy court orthodoxy only like the emperor, the queen of this level of existence can have. Now Li Qiye has given himself lightly, such a thing is so unreal, is so dreamy, but it is really happened. Returning to his senses, Yang Shengping was so excited that he immediately prostrated himself on the ground and said,Steel investment casting, "Thank you for your gift." As he spoke, he kowtowed three times. For him, such a treasure was too precious, and three times was nothing. After worshipping Li Qiye, Yang Shengping worshipped the old man again. Of course, the old man didn't look at Yang Shengping at all. His eyes just fell on Li Qiye. Such a master is really good. Looking at Li Qiye actually gave such a precious treasure to a servant around him, and the wind was light and the clouds were light,DIN screw plug, as if he had given an ordinary thing that could not be more ordinary, which made many people envious and envious. As for Peng Weijin, his face was swollen red, he used two longevity Dan can not be exchanged for the treasure, in front of this unknown generation was directly given to Yang Shengping, this is simply a slap in the face of him! "Is there anything else to say?" At this time, the old man still looked at Li Qiye and said slowly. As soon as the old man's words came out, all the people present took a breath of cold air. Others said a lot of words to him, including flattery, prayer, and making themselves miserable, but the old man ignored them. Now the old man was still expecting Li Qiye to speak, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, which was simply too outrageous. Li Qiye smiled and said slowly, "I have a lot to say. Unfortunately, these treasures are not in my eyes. They are a little shabby." As soon as Li Qiye's words came out, everyone took a breath of cold air. The treasures taken out by the old man were all treasures. This was at least the level that a Taoist master could have. Now in the eyes of this boy, it was shabby. "That's overbearing." Someone could not help murmuring. But we think about it carefully, just now this boy also casually gave the treasure to the servants around him, such handwriting, it really shows that this boy is overbearing enough, enough luxury. What do you want? The old man looked at Li Qiye and said slowly. This said, let a lot of people's eyelids jumped, everyone felt that they had misheard, this is too outrageous, now it seems that the old man would like to listen to Li Qiye's words. Then Li Qiye pulled Zhu Sijing up behind her and said with a faint smile, "Look at me, a girl. I'm short of one or two good things to give her. What do you think I should give her?" Zhu Sijing had never seen such a big scene. In full view of the public, she blushed and dared not look at anyone. Silent Curse Clan! At this time, someone noticed the branding on Zhu Sijing's neck and said in surprise. Silent curse clan- "Hearing such words, some people were even frightened to step back, because the legend of silent curse clan is ominous, some people dare not approach Zhu Sijing.". Seeing other people's reaction, Zhu Sijing could not help but lower her head tightly, for her own origin, she felt somewhat inferior, after all, there are still many people in the world who regard their curse clan as a great scourge.
The old man looked at Zhu Sijing, then took out a treasure and put it on the ground slowly. "How about this thing?" He said slowly. ? This is a necklace. The style of the necklace is very similar to the veins on Zhu Sijing's neck. It seems that such a necklace is made for Zhu Sijing, or for their silent curse clan. Such a necklace does not know what kind of immortal gold is cast, and this necklace is inlaid with precious stones, each of which is different. What is more eye-catching is that these precious stones are very bright, as if the stars were picked from the sky and directly inlaid in this necklace. When such a necklace emits wisps of fairy light, it seems that only the fairies in the sky are qualified to wear such a necklace, even the most foolish people know that this necklace is priceless. A fairy necklace? Although no one could recognize the origin of the necklace, nor could anyone name it, anyone could see that the necklace was much more precious than the two treasures on the ground, so many people were drooling for a while. Well, that's good. Now that you've sent them all, let's send one more. Good things come in pairs. Li Qiye looked at the necklace, praised it, nodded and said. Others may not know that it is absolutely a great treasure to be so appreciated by Li Qiye. Li Qiye's words made everyone dumbfounded. Some people even muttered: "This is too greedy. This, this is already a priceless treasure. What else do you want?" At this time, some people even want to rush to grab such a necklace now,non standard fasteners, which is simply priceless, and even bargain with others, this is too outrageous. The old man was not angry either. He took one more look at Li Qiye. Then he took out a treasure and put it on the ground. "What about this one?" He said slowly. 。

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