However, it is clear that Zhuang Yi is not aware of these subtle changes in himself. Zhuang Yi, who is unaware of it, naturally does not know that the greatest tragedy in the world is not to fall in love with a person without knowing it, but to get used to a person without knowing it. Another tragedy in this world is that no matter how clear the bystanders are, the authorities are also confused. So, when Shunzi watched his boss Zhuang Yi's behavior somewhat different from the past, he did not dare to say more-boss, do you care too much about Xu Nuan? On one occasion, when Zhuang Yi was shopping with his female companion, he saw a light green doll shirt in the window. The doll shirt had a hint of innocent temptation, which reminded him of Xu Nuan. On that day, he bought the clothes back and threw them to Xu Nuan. Xu Nuan never resists. He demanded that she should listen to him. Then, of course, she will listen to him. She was wearing the light green doll shirt, followed by the scene of the heroine changing her clothes, which was badly written in the novel-her eyes were shining with water, her skin was fair, her long hair was like a waterfall, and her light green clothes set off the peach blossom complexion on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, and suddenly she was in a trance. In a trance, she remembered that in the romantic novels that Lin Xin lent her, after the heroines changed their clothes, the heroes would stare at the heroines with the same eyes as the big bad wolf staring at the little white rabbit, and then praise them,Nail machine supplier, "You are so beautiful.". Xu Nuan's face suddenly turned red, and she would inexplicably yearn for the man who cruelly controlled her fate to praise her. Xu Nuan stood in front of the mirror, carefully looking at Zhuang Yi in the mirror, he was raising his eyebrows. He took a sip of ice water, sighed and said, "It's a pity that such a beautiful dress is like a rag on you. If I had known I would have hung it on a bamboo pole, it would have looked better than on you.". After saying these words, Zhuang Yi turned and left. Since then, Xu Nuan understands that the plot in the novel is very difficult to happen in reality,Coil nail machine, especially in the face of a cold-blooded man like Zhuang Yi, but this does not prevent her from continuing to read romantic novels with Lin Xin. Women whose lives are too miserable always want to paralyze themselves with stories. Xu Nuan occasionally fantasized that many years later, she would meet Menggu on the streets of a city. They have been separated for seven years. I wonder if Menggu will remember her when we meet again? And at that time, will you forget Menggu's betrayal of his oath? Or, as early as nineteen years old, the night she sold her body, she and Menggu were doomed to be impossible. He was still the most difficult man in the world for her to let go, but he was also the last person she wanted to see. In addition to bringing Xu Nuan fantasy, romance novels also have an advantage, that is, let Xu Nuan know a lot of Chinese characters, as soon as she sees the unknown words, she holds the dictionary to look up. In this way, for four years, Zhuang Yi and Xu Nuan were so delicately deadlocked. Zhuang Yi maintains his image as a refined businessman in public, and no one can smell the blood on his golden resume. And Xu Nuan, every time on TV or in the newspaper to see the handsome and elegant Zhuangyi, nail manufacturing machine ,Iron Nail Making Machine, can not help but feel cold all over, in the heart severely scolded, hypocritical! Therefore, when Lin Xin and her classmates discussed Zhuang Yi longingly, she was always silent. Sometimes, burying the truth in the stomach is really a kind of torture, besides, this kind of torture lasted for four years. Now Xu Nuan is still a woman imprisoned by Zhuang Yi, she does not know what he left himself in the end, do not know why he will understand his background so thoroughly. Now, she only knows that on the day of the "Zephyr" Scholarship Award Ceremony, after the reporters brought the news of Liang Xiaoshuang's suicide and Li Le's car crash, the man named Zhuang Yi rushed to his residence overnight and warned her like a devil that she could not leave the apartment these days! Can't go to school! Now, he reclined on the sofa, the light reflected on his handsome face, and his eyes were faintly tired. Zhuang Yi pulled his collar and loosened the purple tie. He said to Xu Nuan, go! Get me a glass of water, cold. The tone of command is not to be refused. Why is it always ice water? No wonder his heart is cold.
When Xu Nuan went to pour water, he suddenly wanted to get some rat poison to poison him. But she was just thinking about it. 【7】 In those days, following Zhuang Yi's orders, Xu Nuan stayed at home all the time. She thought, fortunately, Zhuang Yi did not arrange any technical work for her, and it was easy to be a chess piece without thought. Occasionally, Shunzi would come and sit down, saying that he had come to visit Xu Nuan, but in fact he was supervising her for Zhuang Yi, the devil. However, Shunzi likes to talk to Xu Nuan, not because she is so beautiful and invincible, but because Shunzi feels that Xu Nuan is comfortable. At first, Xu Nuan also hated Shunzi because he beat Zhao Xiaoxiong severely. However, the relationship between people, will not always be so pure, pure to hate a person to hate beyond redemption, and for four years, Shunzi like an ordinary big boy, love to say love to laugh love excitement, often tell some jokes to Xu Nuan, make Xu Nuan laugh. Although, sometimes, Xu Nuan will think, Shunzi will be good to himself, because Zhuangyi, even if Zhuangyi domesticated a dog, his men have to be careful to wait on, let alone a chess piece raised by Zhuangyi? Although, she still does not know what Zhuang Yi wants her to do. But later, Xu Nuan felt that the feelings between people could not be measured accurately by something similar to a balance. This is not only about her and Shunzi, but also about her and Zhuang Yi. The initial hatred, to the later fear, and then to the later fear, so that now, to this devil called Zhuang Yi, I will also have an indescribable feeling in it,wire nail machine manufacturers, this feeling can be called extravagant hope or expectation. Although Xu Nuan has not wanted to admit this. They are all men and women in the world of mortals, eating all the fireworks of the world. It is impossible for those love and hatred to be as angular as those cut with a knife. Shunzi sometimes said some embarrassing things that Zhuang Yi had done, which made Xu Nuan's chin almost fall off.

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