"Comrade Bai, the doctor at the clinic has said that you are in good health, and it doesn't matter if you leave the hospital now.". In addition, your husband Fang Minghua also told the Bureau before that the baby was fed with milk powder and you didn't need to worry about it. Now you go back with us and don't make any more trouble, or your time out of prison will be extended. The police officer of the police station did not know how to take pity on her. His face was serious and his words were sharp. Bai Lan listened to the police officer's words, his face was white, he hated Fang Minghua heartless, but also really afraid of prison disaster, trembling do not know what to do. At this moment, her mind is blank, what plan, the future, the big brother, all disappeared clean, leaving only boundless fear and helplessness. With tears in her eyes, she bent down and kept asking the police to let her go, promising that she would not do it again, but unfortunately it was all useless. Even though Bai Lan knew the future and had Goldfinger, she could not escape the prison. Without Bai Lan, the life of the Fang family was much calmer. Wang Guihua was frightened in prison, and she became honest and quiet. She wanted to help her son take good care of her grandson, but unfortunately Fang Minghua would rather spend money to find someone else to help, but did not agree to let Wang Guihua intervene. For this reason, Wang Guihua is very lonely and uncomfortable, but it is a pity that Fang Minghua no longer obeys her in everything, but she began to reflect on herself. For the follow-up of the Fang family, Zhang Chu only learned a little from everyone's words. For example, Fang Minghua refused to remarry and devoted herself to taking care of her children to earn work points. For example, Fang Tingting's marriage had been unsuccessful, which made her temperament change greatly. She threw pots and benches at home all day and had a lot of trouble with Wang Guihua. As for Bai Lan, I heard that at the beginning of the prison is also a variety of twists and turns, but after several blows, now also feel better,Fiberglass tape measure, not only accepted the reform of the organization, but also is expected to commute. Home When Zhang Chu learned the news of Bai Lan from others again, it was already two years later. In the past two years, Ge Yuxuan has developed pumps, harvesters and threshers for farmers, and is now working on small excavators. Because of his outstanding ability, the position has also changed twice, but compared to the treatment in the Institute, he has a higher reputation among the people, and even many people do not know who the mayor is, but will not know Ge Yuxuan. Because of the help of this series of agricultural machinery, the burden of ordinary farmers has been lightened, the time of doing farm work has been shortened, and the manpower has been reduced. As a result, the township brigades also made adjustments according to the actual situation, such as Zhang Chu's brigade, the surplus manpower was used to open up wasteland and raise pigs. Chuchu, Horse weight lbs ,cattle weight tape, this is the sour radish my mother took when she went back to her hometown today. It's crisp and refreshing. You can taste it. Miao Honghua has been looking forward to her grandson for two years. Knowing that Zhang Chu was pregnant, Miao Honghua immediately put the hoe on the ground, then ran to the captain to ask for leave, packed up the package and came to the city. Recently, Zhang Chu was very happy and said he wanted to eat the dishes in the village. Miao Honghua went home after breakfast in the morning. When she came in the afternoon, she brought a snakeskin bag of food, all sent by the villagers. Mom, if you want to go home, let Yuxuan send you, their motorcycle tricycle can run dozens of miles, you go back to carry such a big bag of things, it's too tired. Zhang Chu said with some heartache. She just casually said, did not expect her mother so in mind, this feeling of being cherished is too happy, but also let her want to return one or two. There's nothing to be tired of. Mom doesn't do anything here every day, and the old bones will rust. You, don't worry about it, eat, drink and sleep well, and then give birth to a big fat grandson for your mother. When she returned to the village this time, everyone said that she was rich and looked young. Tell me, if you don't do anything on your daughter's side and eat well, you must grow well. Mom, don't be too tired. Remember to take the pills I prescribed for you. By the way, is my dad all right at home? If you are too tired, let Dad come to live in the city. Zhang Chu ate the sour radish in the countryside, which was really sour and crisp. Okay, why not? Your dad is now in charge of the warehouse and recording the borrowing of machines in the village. What's so tiring? As for your brother and your sister-in-law, they are also doing some easy work.
Besides, nowadays there are all kinds of machines, and it's not very tiring to do farm work. Now our village is getting better and better. Mom went home this time and saw a lot of people widening the road there. In the future, the bus will go to the countryside. Our village gate is a stop. Miao Honghua is very satisfied with her present life, which she could not have imagined two years ago. Zhang Chu listened to also feel happy, "yes, the future will be better and better.". By the way, mom, how is Lingling learning recently? I have received news that the country may resume the college entrance examination. For the only sister, Zhang Chu is still very loving, when she was at home to teach her to learn to write, after marriage, because Ge Yuxuan has a good relationship with the educated youth, there are many people willing to teach her. Your sister is as serious as you are. According to your sister-in-law, she reads late every night with an oil lamp. Mom doesn't expect her to be very promising. She'll have an iron rice bowl like you in the future. The children in the family are all successful, and Miao Honghua no longer has any worries. Miao Honghua told Zhang Chu all the news from the village, but when it came to the Fang family, she really couldn't hold back a sigh. "Bai Lan was released in advance last month. I heard that she was in love with someone at the police station. I don't know if it's true or not.". Anyway, she is going through the divorce formalities with Fang Minghua at the moment, and she is also a cruel person who doesn't even want her son. I have seen that child. He is really good-looking, but he can't speak when he is more than two years old. People in the village said that the child was a mute, a fool, and that Wang Guihua did not love her grandson as much as before. Fortunately, Fang Minghua is a good man. He takes his children with him wherever he goes. Father and son are very close. Bai Lan and Fang Minghua's son called Fang Shian, nicknamed Ann, she had seen several times before when she returned to the village,Adhesive fish ruler, the child is not unable to speak, just do not speak, and look at his mental outlook is definitely not a fool.

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