Li Mingyuan ranked second, so everyone in the city called him Master Li. Li Erye is not only a celebrity in the city, but also a famous martial artist in the martial arts world. In terms of wealth, he is not a leading figure. But all the top people of the three religions and nine streams were in awe of this Second Master Li. So he was a local snake in the city, and he was worthy of the name. A word from Master Li was more frightening and weighty than the startled wood of the magistrate. The three of them went around the south of the city overnight and went straight to Lingquan Mountain House. It was a fine house with five entrances in a row, surrounded by flowers and trees, quite rich in gardens, and there were no people nearby, so it was a good place to avoid dust. Inspector Li knocked on the door. Someone inside shouted, "Who is knocking at the door in the middle of the night?" "Open the door and let's find Brother Shi San." "You.." "I, Li Jiao, have brought the man Shi Sange wants." When the gate of the courtyard opened, a man as strong as an ox came out. "Come in quickly," he shouted. "Old Shi is in the study to report to the Second Master what he has done and who he has brought with him.." "Zou yuan and his brother Shenxing Taibao Lu Xiang." "Where is the master?" "We haven't seen each other all day." "Go in quickly." "Thank you." Li Jiao thanked him and led him into the gate. There are five people in the study. The first was Master Li Mingyuan, who was about fifty years old. He was a tall and energetic man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. The first man on the right was a master with a head of roe and a rat's eyes. The second man was about forty years old, and his eyes were as tall and strong as King Kong. Below is two five short stature, short and pithy Tsing Yi big man,mobile racking systems, look to know is restless character. A servant appeared at the door and said, "Li Jiao brought two men to see him, saying that Master Shi had asked him to come.". Would your lordship like him to come in? "Tell them to come in," said Master Li majestically with a wave of his hand. A man in Tsing Yi leaned forward and said, "Second Master, my brother may have got the man." "I hope so. I hope you'll get it done soon." Li Jiao led his companions in and put down Zou yuan and Lu Xiang. He put the parcel in the corner and saluted,heavy duty cantilever racks, saying, "Hello, Second Master. The younger one has brought you here." "Who?" "Zou yuan and Lu Xiang." "Eh!"! What about Golden-eyed Biao Fan Dequan? "I've been waiting all day, and it's getting dark before I get to the second brother of Lu." "Why did you bring Zou yuan?"? Dude, you screwed up. The man in Tsing Yi fell and cried. Li Jiao said with a wry smile, "Zou yuan is seriously ill and has fainted. If you don't bring him here, he will die on the bridge."! Third brother, it's already dark anyway, and I can't wait for anyone. Master Li clapped his hands on the bookcase and called out in a deep voice, "Shi Laosan, I knew you were fighting with ghosts." Third Brother Shih shivered and said in fear, "Second Master Ming Jian, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems, Xiao Ke.." "Shut up!"! More than a dozen of you are responsible for capturing three people from Jianyang. You already have a clue and a matchmaker, but you only caught two small fish and ran away with a big fish. Do you still have the face to defend yourself? It's shameless. "Second Master, please don't be angry. Xiao Ke must be responsible for catching Golden-eyed Biao, whose surname is Fan." "How do you catch it?" "Maybe tomorrow." "If you can't catch me tomorrow, don't come to see me." "Yes, Xiao Ke must catch him." "You go back and get ready, and these two people will stay." "Yes, Xiao Ke said goodbye." After saluting Master Li, he took Li Jiao and two other companions away in a panic. Master Li clapped three times and two servants came in. He ordered in a deep voice, "Take Zou yuan to the dungeon first and ask the herbalist to cure him. Don't let him die." The servant answered and carried the unconscious Zou yuan away. Second Master Li's eyes were cloudy and uncertain. He asked Master Yang, "Master Yang, if Golden-eyed Biao gets wind of it and runs away, what will he do?" Master Yang smiled coldly and said in a strange way, "That's not easy. I'll ask the officer to order him to be arrested and brought to justice on the charge of being a bandit. Once and for all.". If it can't be done privately, then it's better to do it publicly. "Is Guo Tuiguan." "Give him a thousand taels of silver to make sure everything is perfect. Money can make the mare go.". If Tung-weng wants that piece of land, a thousand taels of silver. "I'm not interested in a thousand taels of silver." Master Li said firmly.
"Dong Weng insisted on a private settlement?" Master Yang asked. That's exactly what it means. "Then ask Tung-weng to give me full authorization to handle it." "Of course." "Can I mobilize Master Shan's men?" Master Li's eyes fell on the tall bearded man. The bearded man laughed and said, "As long as the eldest brother agrees, Shan will wait for the master's orders." "All right, second brother, you just listen to the master." Master Shan nodded and said, "Good.". However, the younger brother thinks, still come forward directly with the eldest brother, does not save a lot of trouble? With a faint smile, Master Li shook his head and said, "It's not appropriate for Brother Xian to come forward, so as not to attract attention. That's why Brother Yu doesn't want Master Shi to spend money dealing with Guo Tuiguan. If the matter is not confidential, it will be self-defeating. Luo Wu has been in Jianghu for a long time and has many friends. Relying on the government may not be able to control him, so he can only solve it in private." "The eldest brother can do whatever he wants, and the younger brother will do his best." "Brother Yu is bound to win this auspicious place for longan." "Big Brother will get the land." Master Shan said firmly. "Then you'll have to take the trouble of the master and the good brother. The sooner the better." "I dare not do my best?"? "Donggong, please give the man surnamed Lu to Master Shan to take away." Master Yang leaned over and said. To where? "Hall of Punishment, I want to ask about the situation in Jianyang tonight." "Well, it's up to the master to handle everything." Shiye motioned to Shan Ye to take the man away and left the room. The torture chamber is deep underground, part of the dungeon. Between the torture chamber and the prison, there was only one corridor, the lights were not extinguished day and night, and the entrance to the dungeon was in the barn, which was very secret. Inside and outside,warehouse pallet racks, it was heavily guarded and spooky. In the villa of a local celebrity, it is unreasonable to have a barn, and it is even more absurd to have a dungeon. We can see that this Master Li must not be a good thing.

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