He could not help but stand up and said to Bai Yi, "Although it is E-level combat effectiveness, your potential value is the highest since the founding of the school. It should be no problem. Would you like to update the record?" With a gentle smile, he looked different from the cold alienation just now. Now he doesn't say that the grandson of his immediate boss is here. In addition, although this is an E-level fighting force, he doesn't know whether it will become the next double S-level in the later period. Even if there is a little hope, he can't be hostile to this child with a potential value of 236. Bai Yi didn't even think about it, so she refused directly: "No." Seeing both of them staring at him, he couldn't help saying, "I'm just an E-level fighter now. Potential is just potential. It's only real potential when it's really improved." What he said was very pragmatic, and the tutor could not help admiring him very much. He only said again and again, "Well!"! Then I'll cover for you first. When Xin Zhi finished the test, the two of them went out together. Xin Zhi was a C- fighter, but the potential value was much better than that of Allen, who had blond hair before. It was 78. Although it could not be compared with Bai Yi, it was already higher than the normal level. As soon as the light outside came into his eyes, Bai Yi could not help but slightly hook his lips, and Zhou Yang was still waiting outside. Several people returned to the general's office together, but in the hall, there was a pair of people sitting,aluminium coated tubes, smiling happily. It was Li Qing and the weekend. The major general in uniform looked very handsome. The young man's hair color flashed a light flaxen in the sun, and his complexion was white and bright, which made people look bright and matched very well. The premise is to ignore Monday with a straight face. Monday has no good feelings for this teenager, according to his intuition of intelligent mecha. Xin Zhi looked at this scene, can not help but hate in the heart shouted: "scum!"! Can not help but think, must let Bai Luo leave this man-eating general's office, that is he as his best friend,stainless steel tube 304, absolutely should think of things for him. And Li Qing also saw the figure of a few people, then not hurriedly stood up, a pair of eyes looking at Zhou Yang, eyes with a bit eager, at the foot is also hurriedly ran over, mouth way: "General adult how to come back now, tired today?"? You must pay attention to your health. As if Zhou Yang could only be seen in his eyes, he regarded Bai Yi and Xin Zhi as air. Facing his face, Zhou Yang could not help softening his voice and said, "I'm all right. On the contrary, it's you. Do you still adapt to the General's Office?" Li Qing said hurriedly, "The General's Office is very good. I used to imagine what my home looked like. But now that I think of it, the General's Office has a general, who is also my favorite person. It's not much different from a home." His smiling appearance made Bai Yi frown slightly, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, and he felt that this face was really not suitable for this smiling face. Bai Yi ignored the two men and turned to walk away, but he didn't want the young man to stop him. "Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you escorting the general back?"? The general has arrived. You can leave the general's office. Xin Zhi turned around angrily and said angrily, "We live here. What do you mean we can leave the General's Office?!" Not to mention Bai Luo, from now on, he is also going to live here, just for this guy's words! "Ah!"! It's like this. I don't know.. Li Qing's eyes twinkled at Bai Yi's back. Somehow, he always felt that this E-class waste seemed to make him a little afraid. Xin Zhi snorted coldly, "Forget it if you don't know?"? Not even an apology? I didn't know that the students of Fross were of such quality nowadays. "Li Qing doesn't know you," he said over the weekend. "He just came to the General's Office today. What can you do if you understand him?" "You say his name is Li Qing?" Chapter 51 you cheat. Bai Yi clearly remembered the name in his memory, although the face was blurred and Bai Luo's memory was confused, but now looking at the teenager, his lips suddenly raised a smile, but his eyes were very cold.
This Li Qing, however, does not know whether he is a teenager or a mother worm. Or is it gluttonous? The idea flashed through his mind, and he could not help rejecting it, saying that this man was not a glutton. After a moment, he could not help smiling bitterly. He had not thought rationally now, and began to rely on his own intuition. Intuition, however, is also the most unreliable thing. Li Qing took a slow step toward Bai Yi in the crowd's gaze. He stretched out his hand and said, "I'm really sorry just now. Let's get to know each other again. My name is Li Qing." Bai Yi glanced at his delicate white hand, and a wave of resistance rose in his heart. He did not stretch out his hand, but hung Li Qing there. He responded lightly, "Bai Luo." Then, with a sullen face, he pulled Xin Zhi and turned away. Zhou Yang, in the back, took a panoramic view of the scene, but his eyes were somewhat complicated and confused. Bai Luo! Weekend to see Li Qing a look of grievance, not in the back, want to call Bai Luo, this Li Qing in Furos a lot of help, but now by Bai Luo so humiliated, this Bai Luo, but also really regard themselves as the young master of the Imperial General's Office! Come back and apologize! Seeing the angry look of the weekend, Li Qing hurriedly ran over and grabbed his arm. He only said, "Major General Zhou, I have nothing to do. Bai Luo, did Bai Luo fail the supernumerary test? So I'm not in a good mood today.." I don't mind. On the weekend, I remembered in my head that today Bai Luo was going to take part in the extra-editorial test. Supernumerary students have never seen, what kind of waste is this Bai Luo?! If you were really engaged to him, you would have no face to stay in Floss any longer. Bai Yi only thought that he could not hear,beam impact tubes, still walking forward slowly, the steps under his feet did not even pause. Xin Zhi was so angry that he just wanted to turn around and argue with the scum, but this Bai Luo was so strong that he could not break free just by pulling him.

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