With that, Du Wei's body flashed and landed on his horse. With a shout, he galloped into the woods, while Hussein followed closely behind. ; When Du Wei's figure was small in the forest, Lu Gao's face gradually darkened. Sebasta slowly came to Lu Gao's side and whispered, "Father." As soon as Lu Gao raised his hand, he looked back and said, "Let's all step down first." Behind them, the generals all rode back far away. Father, look. Sebasta's voice was deep and full of apprehension. Wrong is right. It's the beauty under the moon, but isn't the sword always in the hands of Rodriguez? Rodriguez's whereabouts are unknown, we can't find that guy, and this beauty under the moon.. Sebasta smiled coldly: "If Bai Hechou knew that the beauty under the moon was in the northwest,Interactive digital signage, he would certainly come to rob it regardless.". Hum Without this holy sword on the snow mountain, his position as the witch king of the great snow mountain would be undeserved! Lu Gao was silent for a moment: "When Gu Lanxiu went down the snow mountain, he took this sword with him.." I've been worried about one thing.. It's the blue ocean! This guy is in the imperial capital, and I don't know how many secret arrangements he has made over the years! Gulanxiu had always wanted to pass the position of the witch king to the blue sea, although the white river sorrow is extremely strong,face detection android, but without this sword, many secrets on the snow mountain can not be opened! I have always suspected that this sword is in the hands of the blue sea, but unfortunately all these years, I can't get any news. I even suspected.. The old man, Gulanxiu, will not run away again. Could Rodriguez be a disciple of Gulanxiu! Otherwise, how could the beauty under the moon fall into the hands of an outsider. But today it seems that things have become complicated again! Sebasta thought for a moment and said, "Anyway, this sword is now in the hands of Du Wei, temperature scanning kiosks ,outdoor digital signage displays, so the identity of Du Wei.." Lu Gao was indifferent. His eyes were full of complexity and contradiction. Suddenly he opened his mouth and said, "Do you think this Du Wei is a disciple of Gu Lanxiu?" Sebasta laughed. "Father is so confused!"! That Guranshew guy has been dead for decades. How old is this Du Wei? I think Du Wei is probably the apprentice of the blue ocean. This beauty under the moon may have been in the hands of the blue sea all the time, and now it has been passed to this Du Wei. "Humph!" Lu Gao snorted coldly, "Originally, the beauty under the moon was in the hands of Rodriguez. That guy is a paladin, and his whereabouts are uncertain. We can't find him. We can't help it.".
Now.. Since this sword is in the northwest, no matter what happens this time, we can't let it go! Sebasta sneered at the corners of his mouth: "Father, when you were disdainful of the position of the Witch King, you let him become the Lord of the Snow Mountain. Why do you take this beauty under the moon so seriously?" "What do you know?" Lu Gao said lightly, "I am now the leader of the Northwest Legion of the Roland Empire. I have 200,000 troops and rule the roost in the Northwest. Who can control me?"? How comfortable it is! It is much better than sitting on the top of the snow-capped mountain in Baihe, bitter and cold all the year round, and struggling to keep that ridiculous snow-capped mountain mission! Although I don't care about the mission of the so-called snow mountain, there are still many things that I value on the snow mountain! Not to mention anything else. Just those things hidden above the snow mountain, don't you feel moved after I told you!? Hum Sebasta sighed. "It's just hateful …" Gu Lanxiu, this old guy, was devoted to the blue sea and the white river sorrow, but to you. "Shut up!" Lu Gao was suddenly furious. He gave a low roar to his son in vain. His voice was dense. "Listen!" He said fiercely! I've warned you so many times! I can be rude to the Quran, but you can't! No one can speak disrespectfully to the Quran in front of me! Do you remember?! Sebasta was silent. He stepped back slowly and bowed. "Yes …" he said. Father Lu Gao nodded with satisfaction, then looked up at the sky and sighed faintly: "After all." This old man, Guranshew. It's mine.. Teacher! He looked up at the sky. Next to him, Sebasta stood with his head hanging down, but his eyes flashed a faint sharpness, and then disappeared. After a long time, Lu Gao said leisurely, "Look at that guy Du Wei.." What kind of magic is it? Does it look like.. Then Sebasta raised his head and looked at his father. "I was wondering.." He was able to drive so many natural creatures just now, which is very much like a kind of witchcraft on the snowy mountain that your father said. 'Animal Language '. But to be able to practice animal language and become an'animal whisperer ', such a talent has not appeared on the mainland for hundreds of years! This Du Wei. "That's what I'm worried about!" Lu Gao gritted his teeth: "This Du Wei is very talented.". He won so much fame in the imperial capital at a young age, magic strength. It won't be low! If he takes the beauty under the moon, I don't know if he has learned the martial arts of the Great Snow Mountain. If he learns the martial arts of the Great Snow Mountain,digital whiteboard price, he also learns the sorcery of the Snow Mountain. Then we're in big trouble! "How about.." Sebasta's eyes flashed fiercely. "Leave his life in the city of Watt. The sword is natural.." "You can't kill!" Lu Gao's eyes suddenly flashed a trace of fear: "You are not born in the Great Snow Mountain, do not understand the mystery!"! There is a strange curse on the Great Snow Mountain. Those who have learned the sorcery of the Great Snow Mountain cannot kill their companions who also know the sorcery of the Snow Mountain! Otherwise.. You will be cursed and miserable all your life! Sebasta was obviously disapproving. "Father, do you believe such an illusory statement?" 。 hsdtouch.com

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