After arriving at the Johri mansion, his father's house at Bangkok, Nikhil discovers that a dog named 'Entertainment' is the owner of Johri's property, and is actually Johri's pet dog. He relays this to Jugnu, 13377x
and they try to kill Entertainment, by having Akhil become Entertainment's caretaker, but fail. Saakshi and her father surprise Nikhil at the mansion, and discover that Entertainment is the heir, causing the father to declare that Saakshi will never marry Nikhil. movie rulz
At this time 2 brothers, Karan Johri and Nagarrjun Johri (Sonu Sood), the 2nd cousins of Johri, escape jail. Karan and Nagarrjun want to kill Akhil, because they figure that the dog will die in a couple of years anyway

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